Monthly Archives: November 2014

Episode 158 – MyGeekShow Finally Flies FPV!

Finally flew FPV! Just for fun! It simply flew amazing, so smooth and clean. With the awesome signal propgation via 1.3ghz with Bluebeam antennas from StoneBlue Airlines I had...
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Episode 157 – 1 Battery, 1 Hour

Can we fly an hour on just one battery? Lets find out! This episode I’ll put one of MyGeekShow’s NCR18650B cells on the Raptor 100 and see if we can...
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Episode 156 – Raptor Tornado!

The Raptor 100 is pretty maneuverable stock, but I wanted to see if I could increase the Raptor 100’s barrel roll rate to an insane level. Do a rapid diving...
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