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MyGeekShow History

Getting Into Airplanes

In 2008, a good friend of mine invited me to come watch him fly his brand new electric RTF J3 Piper Cub. Neither of us had ever flown before and it crashed almost immediately after take off. We took it home, made some repairs, and then crashed it into a tree. He challenged me to fix it and try it myself. After a few tries I got it up in the air and I was instantly hooked, the seeds of MyGeekShow were planted.



From 2008 to 2009 I was too busy graduating from college and getting my first job to fly much. I got back into RC pretty heavy in 2010, but I’d still never met anyone who flew them too, and I needed help getting past simple RTF airplanes. I had the idea to make a video, post it on YouTube and see if people would be willing to follow my journey going from beginner to (hopefully someday) expert. My wife actually suggested the name MyGeekShow, although at first the original idea for the show was more broad, i.e. I’d do more than just RC airplanes but tinker with technology in general.


USA Trip

The first 11 episodes were a blast to make, but I didn’t really have a specific mission or purpose, and I found it difficult to prioritize were I should spend my time and energy. I wanted to have a lofty goal that push me to become proficient in almost every aspect of RC airplanes, and the concept of flying an RC airplane across the entire United States fit perfectly. It would require great skill and experience in nearly everything related to RC airplanes, from prop selection to long range communication to autonomous failsafe navigation. I set up a 5 year plan (was later reduced to 4) that would take me from throwing gliders around to flying at highway speeds for over an hour. The years past by as I gained experience and skills, and with the help of my AWESOME supporters on YouTube and DIYDrones, I was able to make the attempt in June of 2014. You’ll have to watch all the videos to get the whole story, but encountered new, never experienced challenges despise extensive preparation. These challenges forced the trip to be ended early for safety reasons. I REALLY want to try again, someday.