MyGeekShow is back! This week I finalized the design and built the 50% scale solar airplane prototype. I’ll complete it’s first flight next week!

My current mission is to build an RC airplane capable of indefinite flight, where solar panels installed on the wings power the airplane and charge the batteries by day, and then those same batteries power the airplane during the night.

This 50% scale prototype will test some of the design elements of that airplane. It doesn’t carry solar panels as it’s wing area would be insufficient for a good test, but that it is coming up on the 75% and of course 100% scale versions.

Wingspan: 156cm / 61in
Wing Details: 156cm / 10cm / Clark Y
Total Length: 97cm / 38in
Weight (no batteries): 510g / 18oz
Weight with 1 NCR18650B Pack: 703g / 24oz
Weight with 2 NCR18650B Packs: 896g / 32oz