Raptor 140
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The Raptor 140 was built to begin meeting the needs of a USA-trip capable airfcraft. Its fast, efficient, carries the most advanced flight controller and avionics, and can cruise at 100kph (62mph) for almost an hour.

It is also the first airplane to be sold as a kit on MyGeekShow's online store.

Raptor 140 Stats:
Weight: 1653g
Max Flight Time: 60min
Max Range: 50km
Stall Speed: 25kph
Cruise Speed: 75kph
Max Speed: 127kph
Radio Range: 1.5km
Equipment List  
Base Equipment-
Autopilot: APM2.6
FPV/Onboard Camera: FoxTech
Radio Tx: ParkeFlyer Turnigy 9x Tx
Reciever: 6ch FlySky
Telemtry: 915mhz 100mW 3DR
Battery: 4.4Ah 30C Sky Lipo
ESC: 60A
Motor: 3542 1450kv
Prop: 10x6 Carbon Fiber Folding
Servos: 11g digital
UBEC (for FPV camera): 3A
Build Videos  
Click here to watch all the build videos!
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