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When I started MyGeekShow in 2011 I didn’t really have a specific mission or purpose, and I found it difficult to prioritize were I should spend my time and energy. I wanted to have a lofty goal that would push me to become proficient in almost every aspect of RC airplanes, and the concept of flying an RC airplane across the entire United States fit that perfectly. It would require great skill and experience in nearly everything related to RC airplanes, from prop selection to long range communication to autonomous failsafe navigation. I set up a 5 year plan (was later reduced to 4) that would take me from throwing gliders around to flying at highway speeds for over an hour. The years past by as I gained experience and skills, and with the help of my AWESOME supporters on YouTube and DIYDrones, I was able to make the attempt in June of 2014. You’ll have to watch all the videos below to get the whole story, but encountered new, never experienced challenges despise extensive preparation. These challenges forced the trip to be ended early for safety reasons. I REALLY want to try again, someday.

usa trip videos

Today I traveled from Arkansas to California to join the rest of the team and all the USA trip gear I mailed to our set up location in San Diego.

Today we set up the ground station, repaired and prepared the airplanes, conducted a flight test, and traveled to our launch location in Ventura, CA.

Today we successfully conducted our first USA trip flight! We overcame many challenges and experienced new ones that held us up for the day.

Today we covered the most ground during the USA trip, over 300km (186mi)! We encountered and overcame so many challenges. These problems started to wear down our confidence and reduce our spare supplies.

The final crashes that led the end of the USA trip. We gave it our best shot, but in the end, had to end the trip to ensure the safety of those around us.

We learned so much from this experience, and on this video, I wanted to share a full analysis of our crashes, difficulties, and what we could do differently next time.

Team interviews! Get some behind the scenes stories and experiences from the team that went!

What is MyGeekShow doing next? How would I do the next USA trip? Watch to find out!

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